Indiana Immigration bills 2024

Greg Serbon
Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform
January 9, 2024
  • Indiana Immigration bills 2024
    Here's the bills introduced in the Indiana Statehouse this session.
    House bills HB 1065 Instate Tuition Earl Harris ( Democrat ) Education committee
    Senate Bills
    SB 106 Instate tuition Niezgodski ( Democrat ) Doriot ( Republican)
    Education and Career Development Committee.
    SB 138 Driving Privileges cards Doriot ( Republican )  Homeland
    Security committee
    Last year I was the only one to speak against the Drivers Card bill.
    There are now 7 members on the Homeland Security committee instead of
    9 like last year.
    3 of the present 7 voted against the bill last year. We should be able
    to kill this bill in committee if we put in the effort.
    Sen. Michael Crider This clown was an FBI agent but supported the bill
    last year!
    Sen. James Tomes Voted against drivers cards last year
    Sen. James Buck  Voted against drivers cards last year
    Sen. Gary Byrne
    Sen. John Crane  Voted against drivers cards last year
    Sen. Blake Doriot
    Sen. Mark Messmer A union business owner
    Sen. Jean Breaux
    Thanks for the help
    Greg Serbon
    IFIRE 219-545-1206