Earth Day celebrations a cruel joke on Americans, especially their children

On April 22 - Earth Day - the nation's children once again will be found "greening" up areas in their communities and doing it with great sincerity because their parents and educators tell them their efforts are making a difference.
Unfortunately, they are not.
Those responsible for nurturing those we often refer to as "the future of this country" are not telling...

High level of immigration bad news for Republican Party



For years the Republican Party has supported increased levels of immigration in order to suck up to their corporate paramours who continually whine about "labor shortages"; now the chickens have come home to roost.
The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) reports that the GOP's decline will only be hastened by continued high levels of immigration:

Is Obama 'Deporter-in-Chief'? 'Champion-in-Chief'? How about 'Liar-in-Chief'?

President Obama, the master of audacity, has been taking plenty of heat in recent days for what illegal aliens and their water carriers in Congress are alleging to be his "record" deportations.
The Economist, one of Britain's leading left-wing rags, called him the Deporter-in-Chief  and accused him of dancing to the music of "nativist" Republicans.
Obama's not having...

New York Times immigration reporters can't be bothered with the facts

February 13, 2014

Facts are stubborn things. - John Adams
Let the people know the facts, and the country will be safe. - Abraham Lincoln
All we want are the facts. - Sgt. Joe Friday
Despite repeated attempts by pro-enforcement immigration activists, The New York Times continues to mislead its readers about what the Senate amnesty bill (S...

Wisconsin Radio Network rehashes farmers' bogus 'labor shortages'


February 12, 2014

Every year for decades we've been hearing from farmers that impending "labor shortages" will endanger the nation's food supply, their crops will rot in the fields, force them to move operations out of the country, force the American people to rely even more on imports, etc., etc., etc.
And how many agriculture crises have we seen...

Democrats 'control' deportation process: Rep. Luis Gutierrez

January 13, 2014

Most of us remember sitting in our high school civics class and learning that the federal government is responsible for enforcing laws enacted by Congress, including those dealing with immigration.
But in an era when a sitting president can go around the Constitution and use executive orders to advance his illegal alien amnesty agenda, this...

What does 'immigration reform' really mean?

Years ago when people spoke about “reforming” our immigration policy it was understood that this meant it would first and foremost benefit the American people.  This was the primary goal of President Clinton’s immigration reform commission chaired by the late Barbara Jordan.

“It is both a right and a responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the...
Rep. Mark Pocan's selective support for the 'law of the land'

      Don't you love the way many politicians paint themselves as guardians of truth, justice and the      

      American way when it serves their purposes but act just the opposite when anything threatens the

      interests of those on whom they depend heavily for campaign contributions?

Take Rep. Mark Pocan's (D-2nd) defense of Obamacare during a Nov. 7 meeting in...