The Media and Immigration

Our federally-created immigration crisis exists in large part because Americans for decades have been denied the facts by a national news media that long ago abdicated its primary responsibility to seek the truth.  As a result, nearly all coverage of our irresponsible and dangerous immigration policy that affects all of us on a daily basis has been from the perspective of the immigrant - legal and illegal - who is only "searching for a better life."  Sadly, this shoddy news reporting that makes no attempt to hide the bias of many reporters and their editors continues today.

The purpose of this section - Media and Immigration - is simple.  It will include those news stories and opinion pieces that lack professional standards as well as those deserving praise, and contact information for the reporters.  Feel free to contact these journalists with your opinions. - Dave Gorak



Blame dismal March jobs report on immigration, by Joe Guzzardi, The Monitor, April 10, 2018:

The March Bureau of Labor Statistics report was a disappointment with the economy adding only 103,000 jobs. March’s poor performance deflated the enthusiasm February’s report generated with its 313,000 new jobs, the biggest increase in 1.5 years. From the 320,000 revised February total, the jobs created drop-off measured 66 percent. Since January, monthly new employment averages are 202,000 — not terrible, but nothing to shout about.

As usual, apologists dismissed the employment report’s palpable downside, blamed it on cold weather, a favorite villain. Completely and purposefully overlooked is a more important yet unmentionable variable: Federal immigration policy that admits about 1 million legal immigrants who receive lifetime valid employment authorization documents that permit them to work in any job category, and dramatically expands the labor market. Too many workers compete for too few jobs, forcing many Americans who would like to be employed to the sidelines. In March, the number of Americans not in the labor force, measured month over month, increased by 323,000 to more than 95 million....