Mark Pocan's Coronavirus hypocrisy

Mark Pocan, who "represents" me in Congress, sarcastically tweeted that Vice President Pence's appointment as the nation's "Coronavirus czar" made him "feel safer already."   For Pocan's information,  President Trump created a task force a month ago to deal with this crisis.  To be sure Mr. Pence has no medical background, but that shouldn't preclude him from overseeing the work of those who do and who would report to him.

Instead of shooting off his mouth about something he knows very little, Pocan should be explaining to his constituents why he and his fellow Democrats have spent more than three years trying to remove President Trump from office instead of demanding to know why the government they are part of has allowed China to become the primary supplier of this nation's antibiotics.  Pocan also should be pressed by the media to explain whether the globalism he strongly favors in fact has any merit during times of crisis like this one.  Why should the American people depend on foreign companies, many of whom may take a serious financial hit in the near future, to provide them with the drugs they need to remain healthy?

To be fair, Mr. Trump must do far more to bring manufacturing  back to this country rather than  allow U.S. businesses to continue their overseas operations in order to fatten their bottom lines and keep their shareholders happy.  A U.S. citizenry should not be forced by their own government to rely on foreigners for their well-being.