Does the National Journal employ editors?

I'm not privy to what the National Journal expects of its editors, but this November 4 story from Josh Kraushaar, "Immigration:  Losing Issue For GOP Out West," leads me to think: Not very much.

Here's how Kraushaar's piece begins: 

Talking tough on immigration may have boosted GOP prospects in predominantly white states and districts, but it looks to have backfired in a big way in the West and the Southwest.

And here's how it ends:

That's a clear warning to Republicans for 2012: Immigration may be a winning issue nationally but in key battlegrounds for the next presidential election, they'll need to perform better among Hispanics or they could risk becoming irrelevant out West.

A responsible editor would have rolled his/her chair over to this reporter's workspace and asked, Are you saying here that Hispanics will avoid Republicans if they insist on enforcing our immigration laws, which are designed to protect American and legal foreign workers?  That they don’t respect our sovereign right to protect our own borders?  If so, where are the quotes from the Hispanic leadership supporting your analysis?

Kraushaar is the not the first member of the mainstream media to parrot this race-based theme, nor will he be the last given the aversion to critical thinking in most of the nation's newsrooms whose inhabitants have been programmed by the nation's politically correct (and dysfunctional) education system to avoid the real issues and to take every precaution not to offend anyone.